Moe's | Combo pizza

Pizza Combo*

  • 2 large pizzas (all dressed, vegetarian, pepperoni-cheese or Moe’s special)
  • 2 fries
  • 4 Beverages (soft drinks 355ml)
Moe's | Smoked meat combo

Smoked meat Combo*

  • 2 Smoked Meat Platter (2 lb of meat)
  • 2 servings of Coleslaw (500 ml each)
  • 4 Fries
  • Slices of rye bread
  • 4 Pickles and 4 Sweet Peppers
  • 4 Beverages (soft drinks 355ml)
Moe's | Ribs combo

Ribs Combo*

  • 4 Half Racks of Ribs
  • 4 Coleslaws
  • 4 Poutine Sauces
  • 4 Fries
  • 4 Beverages (soft drinks 355ml)

Moe's | Mexican combo


  • Fajitas for 2 (6 tortillas)
  • Chicken quesadillas
  • 2 Fries with aioli mayonnaise
  • 2 Sour Creams
  • 2 Salsas
  • 4 Beverages (soft drinks 355ml)


450 227-8803



Onion soup au gratin
Beef broth with 10-year Port, crostini and 3 cheeses

  • $8.25

Escargot au gratin
Garlic butter, white wine, green onions, Madagascar peppercorns, Asiago & mozzarella cheeses

  • $11.25

Chicken dumplings (4)
Tossed in our peanut butter ginger sauce

  • $11.25

Onion rings
Thick cut served with BBQ sauce

  • $8.25

Fried Calamari
Light herb batter and served with Sriracha aioli

  • $15.50

Chicken wings (6pcs)
Deep-fried and lightly tossed in our BBQ sauce, with a side of blue cheese dressing

  • $10.95

Nachos mixarama
Tomatoes, fresh jalapenos, red onions, sliced black olives, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, served with our fresh homemade salsa and sour cream.
Side of guacamole $3, grilled chicken or smoked meat $5, or bacon $3

  • $15.99

Tuna Tataki
Sesame-crusted Ahi tuna, served on a bed of rice noodles, ginger soy sauce and wasabi. Served cold.

  • $15.99

Shrimp Cocktail (4)
Black Tiger shrimps with cocktail sauce

  • $16.99

Customize your salad and add: Grilled Chicken $5 / Grilled Atlantic Salmon $8 / Black Tiger Shrimps (2) $10

Classic Caesar
Romaine hearts, smoked bacon, homemade croutons, creamy Caesar dressing and Asiago shavings

  • $12.95

Greek salad
Savoura tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, Kalamata olives, green peppers, oregano, Greek barrel feta, Greek pepperoncinis, caper berries and extra virgin olive oil

  • $15.50

Baby spinach & goat cheese
Grilled chicken, sautéed mushrooms, pine nuts, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, warm balsamic vinaigrette and black olives

  • $18.95

Black Tiger Shrimps (4)
Baby arugula, avocado, soft goat cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onions & side of white balsamic honey vinaigrette

  • $19.95

Old-fashioned thin-sliced smoked meat on rye bread with mustard,
fresh-cut seasoned fries, house coleslaw, pickle and sweet pepper

Add Swiss cheese $1.50
Banana spicy pepper (1) $1.50
Cherry peppers (2) $1.50
Full pickle (1) $1.20

Poutine, onion rings or sweet potato fries

  • $3.50

Moe’s classic smoked meat sandwich platter

  • $15.95

Jumbo smoked meat sandwich
Double meat

  • $18.95

Smoked meat platter
1 pound of meat, build your own sandwiches

  • $21.95

All plates are served with fresh-cut seasoned fries and garlic aioli

American burger
Angus beef, cheddar, dill pickle, red onions, Boston lettuce, tomato, with garlic aioli on a brioche bun. Add Bacon $2.50

  • $15.50

King Burger
Beef AAA, Swiss cheese, Portobello mushrooms, roasted bell peppers, Boston lettuce, tomato & garlic aioli on a brioche bun

  • $16.95

Vegan Burger
Beyond Meat, lettuce, tomatoes

  • $15.50

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich
Steak, mushrooms, caramelized onions and Swiss cheese on a French roll

  • $16.50


Grilled chicken wrap
Lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, Swiss cheese, garlic aioli in a 12” grilled tortilla

  • $15.50

Chicken club sandwich
Bacon, lettuce, tomato and grilled chicken on toasted bread

  • $14.95

Park Avenue
Grilled chicken, Black Forest ham & bacon, cheddar & Swiss cheeses, honey mustard and garlic aioli, Boston lettuce & tomato on a Ciabatta bread

  • $17.50

Poutine, onion rings or sweet potato fries

  • $3.50

Quesadillas 12” Tortillas
Fresh salsa, cheddar & mozzarella cheeses, served with a side of sour cream, garlic aioli and fresh-cut seasoned fries.
Side of Guacamole $3


  • $15.95

Grilled chicken

  • $18.99

Homemade Fish “N” Chips
Fresh beer battered cod, fresh-cut seasoned fries with our homemade coleslaw, pickle, sweet pepper and homemade tartar sauce

  • $17.55

Baby Back Ribs (Pork)
Succulent, fall off the bone tender, baby back ribs, grilled & served with fresh-cut seasoned fries, homemade coleslaw, pickle, sweet pimento pepper and a side of our poutine gravy.

Full Rack (20oz)

  • $26.95

Half Rack (10oz)

  • $21.95

Poutine, onion rings or sweet potato fries

  • $3.50

Mexican Fajitas
Served on a sizzling skillet with mixed bell peppers and onions, warm tortillas, cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, sour cream, fresh salsa and limes.
Side of Guacamole $3

Vegetarian Fajitas

  • $18.95

Blackened grilled chicken Fajitas

  • $22.95

Steak Fajitas

  • $24.95

Garlic bread $2 / Garlic bread au gratin $4 / Pastas au gratin $4

Spaghetti Bolognese
Our famous slow-cooked meat sauce

  • $14.99

Moe’s Spaghetti
Our famous meat sauce topped with chopped smoked meat

  • $17.25

Asian Stir-Fry
Sliced garden vegetables sautéed over rice noodles. Choice of sauce: Spicy Thaï, Teriyaki, Peanut butter-ginger


  • $15.25

Grilled Chicken

  • $17.95

Beef steak

  • $19.95

Black Tiger Shrimps (4)

  • $22.95

Angel hair with blackened grilled chicken
Pine nuts, green onions, white wine, sun-dried tomato pesto, garlic butter, pomodoro and parmesan cheese

  • $18.95

Homemade pizza dough and sauce

Pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella di Bufala, Savoura tomatoes topped with fresh basil

  • $15.50

Pizza sauce, pepperoni & mozzarella cheese

  • $15.95

All dressed
Pizza sauce, pepperoni, mushrooms, mozzarella topped with green peppers

  • $16.25

Pizza sauce, broccolis, zucchinis, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, olives, red onions, mozzarella cheese

  • $15.25

Pizza sauce, smoked meat, pepperoni, mushrooms, mozzarella cheese topped with green peppers

  • $17.99

Fresh salsa, grilled chicken, sautéed spicy ground beef, mozzarella & cheddar cheeses, topped with sour cream, tomatoes & fresh cilantro

  • $18.99

Prosciutto di Parma
Pizza sauce, mozzarella & Asiago cheeses, topped with fresh bocconcini, prosciutto di Parma and Asiago shavings

  • $20.00

Sauce, Quebec cheese curds – Medium Size

Classic poutine

  • $9.95

Moe’s smoked meat poutine

  • $11.25

Italian bolognese poutine

  • $10.95

Fresh cut homemade seasoned fries with garlic aoili

  • $4.95

Sweet potato fries with spicy aioli

  • $5.95



House Salad, Ceasar Salad or Daily Soup
Regular Coffee or Tea.


Enjoy your Meal!

Chef’s Suggestion

Daily creation of the chef’s choice


  • 2 grilled Black tiger shrimp: $9.95
  • Lobster tail : $18

Lamb Rack Chops
(Half Rack)
Marinated in Greek herbs and Grilled to your liking, served with spinach rice Greek lemon wedge potatoes and bambino Greek salad with tzatziki sauce.

  • $29.95

AAA Grilled Rib Steak (16 oz)
Grilled to your liking and served with freshly sautéed vegetables, peppercorn or mushroom sauce, fresh cut fries or mashed potatoes.

  • $37.95

AAA Filet Mignon (9 oz)
Served with freshly sautéed vegetables, a wild mushroom sauce or fresh Madagascar peppercorn sauce, fresh cut fries with garlic aioli or garlic mashed potatoes.

  • $38.95

Filet Mignon brochette
Served with freshly sautéed vegetables, a wild mushroom sauce or Madagascar peppercorn sauce, fresh cut fries with garlic aioli or garlic mashed potatoes.

  • $31.95

Braised Beef Short Rib
A beef short rib slow cooked for six hours in a port wine and topped with wild mushroom sauce and served over a bed of garlic mashed potatoes.

  • $26.95

Mexican Salmon Filet
A fresh Atlantic salmon filet grilled to perfection. served with a home-made Pico di Gallo sauce and wild rice, & sautéed vegetables.

  • $22.95

Steak & Fries
A tender, marinated flank steak charbroiled to your liking and topped with a wild mushroom or peppercorn sauce. Served with fresh cut seasoned fries or garlic mashed potatoes.

  • $25.95$

Chicken Brochette
Served with freshly sautéed vegetables, rice, tzatziki sauce Greek lemon wedge potatoes.

  • $21.95


LUNCH PROMOTIONS (11 AM TO 4 PM), not available in take-out AND delivery

Daily Soup or House Salad.
Regular Coffee or Tea.

Enjoy your Meal!

Chef’s Suggestion
Daily creation of the chef’s choice

  • $15.95

Cheese Burger (8oz)
Fresh Angus beef patty, grilled to perfection and topped with melted cheddar cheese, tomatoes and lettuce. Served with fresh cut fries.
Add $1.50 for Swiss cheese, change the fries to a poutine for $3.50

  • $13.95

Smoked Meat Sandwich
Our classic smoked meat sandwich served on rye bread with mustard, fresh cut fries and homemade coleslaw, pickles and sweet pepper
Add $1.50 for Swiss cheese, change the fries to a poutine for $3.50

  • $15.25

Chef’s Pizza of the day
A small pizza of the chef’s choice.

  • $14.99

Half Portion of chef’s Pasta of the day

  • $12.99

Moe’s Fish’n Chips
Upon availability
Fresh cod filet, fried in our homemade beer batter and served with fresh cut fries, tartar sauce and coleslaw.

  • $16.99

Tuscany Salad
Caesar Salad Topped with sliced grilled chicken, garlic croutons, bacon bits, Orange Slices, Roasted almonds, And Asiago Cheese

  • $14.99

Moe’s Submarine
A French roll filled with sliced smoked meat, mushrooms, caramelized onions, melted cheese, shredded lettuce, fresh tomatoes and our house vinaigrette. Served with fresh cut fries with homemade aioli.

  • $13.99

Chicken Souvlaki
A grilled pita bread topped with sliced grilled chicken, red onions, fresh tomatoes, shredded lettuce and tzatziki. Served with fresh cut fries.

  • $13.99

Breakfast Club Sandwich
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, fried egg on toasted bread.

  • $13.95

Sweet Potato Fries or Caeser Salad for extra

  • $2.50

Chef’s dessert of the day for extra

  • $2.50


*The menus may differ from those in the restaurant.